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Heated Fleece Vest with Battery

HEATED FLEECE VEST WITH BATTERY Characteristic made of recycle fleece fabric- warm, soft and comfortable four heated pads in vest- high efficiency in heat conduction heated pad- heated to 120 °F, flexible, washable, and durable with Li-battery-heat control, portable and rechargea

LED Luminous Jacket

Asiatic Fiber Corporation's new launched Led luminous jacket is an innovated product, in consideration of rider's comfort and safety. This product applies LED yarn and a very thin lithium battery. Compare to traditional LED bulb, Led yarn is foldable, soft, waterproof and easy to use. Fluorscent col

Cleanroom Suit Fabric-R04

Breathable and comfortable. Non-linting fabric made of multifilament yarn, Excellent electrostatic dissipative properties with surface resistance 106-8Ω. 1/2 twill, good filtration efficiency. Durable, retains performance after repeated washing, Won’t wrinkle after several washing

About Us

Pioneer and Leader in Cleanroom and Anti-static Products in Asia

Asiatic Fiber Corporation (AFC®) was founded in 1973. Over the past four decades, we’ve emerged as a leader in the Taiwan industry to a player in the global market. Due to our extensive experience in the industry, we have become a pioneer and leader in the field of cleanroom and anti-static products in Asia.

Using Specialized and High-function Fiber Materials
We use specialized and high-function fiber materials for our wide range of products, including cleanroom textiles, surgical barrier clothing and, healthcare goods, and even outdoor and leisure items.

Exporting Products to 60 Countries Worldwide
Today, we export these products to 60 countries worldwide. With branches in various countries throughout the world, we have become a major supplier of these products to Europe, the US and Asia. Since we started producing fiber materials, our medical and recreational textiles have been functionally superior to those of our competitors.

Operating Based on Integrity, Innovation, Teamwork and Satisfaction
In our facilities, we operate according to a four-point mission based on integrity, innovation, teamwork and satisfaction. We apply that to our major product lines. Our AFC®Clean products are applied in contamination-free and bacteria-free environments; our AFC®Safety high-tech fiber products are for industrial protective wear; our AFC®Medical & Healthy products are for surgical barrier and healthcare applications where clean and safe working environments are vitally important; and our AFC®Outdoor products such as sportswear, heated and cooling clothing and safety items with LEDs are for athletes and children.

Helping Businesses and Individuals Succeed
We endeavor to help businesses and individuals succeed in their goals. We do that through the hard work of our excellent management team and motivated AFC associates, who stay abreast of the latest R&D technology and market trends.

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